NJCAA to host Welcome Back Week Aug 7-11

Welcome back to another year of NJCAA athletics. The 2016-17 season saw unprecedented success among our member institutions, a year that helped the NJCAA reach new heights athletically, academically, and socially. To continue our success into the future, we need your help.

As student-athletes embark on their journey to begin or continue their collegiate playing careers, the NJCAA will embrace the beginning of the 2017-18 season with a social media campaign with a “Welcome Back Week” set for August 7-11. Each day will highlight a new feature with a similar mentality behind it- welcome back. Student-athletes, member institutions, and fans from around the country are encouraged to join the NJCAA in welcoming back our competitors using the social media hashtag  

To take part in this inaugural campaign, follow the NJCAA on Twitter:  and on Instagram: Instagram Follow on Instagram.

Posts collected throughout each day will be contributed in a daily recap on the NJCAA website, www.njcaa.org

Find below a daily schedule of each category:

  • Monday (8/7) - New member welcome
    • The NJCAA will highlight the newest members to the association through social media platforms. Join the NJCAA in welcoming the newest programs.
  • Tuesday (8/8) - New gear
    • Individual schools, administrators, staff, and student-athletes are encouraged to show off their newest uniforms, practice jerseys, travel gear, and more on social media.
  • Wednesday (8/9) - Facility upgrades
    • New and old NJCAA facilities will be highlighted in preparation for the year's upcoming season. Use social media to show off new upgrades to your campus or your favorite facility from around the country.
  • Thursday (8/10) - New staff
    • Join the NJCAA and its member institutions in welcoming the newest coaches, staff, and administrators, including a special video welcome from the newest NJCAA Executive Director, Dr. Chris Parker.
  • Friday (8/11) - Welcome Back Video
    • Teams, individual players, coaches, and fans are encouraged to post videos and photos showing their excitement for the upcoming season.

Reminder: Be sure to use the hashtag  in all of your posts.

The NJCAA looks forward to a full week of engagmeent with its members, student-athletes, and fans as the 2017-18 season kicks off!

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