NJCAA introduces newly structured Board of Regents

Charlotte, NC – On August 1, the NJCAA officially introduced its 37-member Board of Regents as part of its newly adopted governance structure. This new structure will create additional opportunities for student-athletes and member colleges by connecting each of the NJCAA's 24 regions on a monthly basis.


The Board of Regents came together for the first time during the NJCAA Board of Regents Planning Retreat on July 17th in Charlotte, NC. The retreat was hosted by the Hilton University Place Hotel, just steps from the national office's new location.


NJCAA Executive Director Dr. Christopher expressed his excitement for this new era in the association. "Our organization is very proud and excited about the new governance structure of the NJCAA. This structure is going to provide us with the flexibility and foresight to adapt to the forever changing dynamics of higher education which will allow us to serve our member colleges, coaches, administrators and most importantly our student-athletes to the highest level."

One elected board member will represent each region. The region representatives will be joined by a Board Chair, Men's Administrator, Women's Administrator, four At-Large Members, and six members of the Presidential Advisory Council.

Dr. Parker sees the new leadership as an avenue for positive advancement within the NJCAA. "In addition, we are very blessed to have 37 outstanding leaders with many, many years of NJCAA experience who are led by board chair Mr. Mick McDaniel and together we will all concentrate on student success, equity and inclusion with a transparent and unified structure to reach new levels within the NJCAA."

A full directory of the NJCAA Board of Regents can be found HERE.