Available Championships

Sports listed below will be available for bid during the next bid cycle of the NJCAA. Further details will be added for each event at a later date. All bids for the events listed below will be due by September 1, 2017

Questions? Contact Mark Krug at mkrug@njcaa.org

Division III Men's Soccer (November 2019--20-21)

Division II Volleyball (November 2019-20-21)

Division III Volleyball (November 2019-20-21)

Half Marathon (November 2019-20-21)

Division II Women's Basketball (March 2020-21-22)

Indoor Track & Field (February 2019-20-21)

Men's Lacrosse (May 2019-20-21)

Division I Men's Golf (May 2019-20-21)

Divisoin II Men's Golf (May 2019-20-21)

Division I Outdoor Track & Field (May 2019-20-21)

Division III Outdoor Track & Field (May 2019-20-21)

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