Available Championships

Click on the sport(s) listed below for further details on host requirements as well as direct link to online bid submission portal.

All bids for the events listed below will be due by September 1, 2017


Division III Men's Soccer  (November 2019-20-21)

Division II Volleyball  (November 2019-20-21)

Division III Volleyball  (November 2019-20-21)

Half Marathon  (November 2019-20-21)

Division II Women's Basketball  (March 2020-21-22)

Indoor Track & Field  (2020-21-22)

Men's Lacrosse  (May 2019-20-21)

Division I Men's Golf  (May 2019-20-21)

Divisoin II Men's Golf  (May 2019-20-21)

Division I Outdoor Track & Field  (May 2019-20-21)

Division III Outdoor Track & Field  (May 2019-20-21)

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